Cause of Death – Accident

De’Andre Adams

Nick Adenhart
Born 08/24/1986. Died 04/09/2009
Adenhart was a passenger in a vehicle that was broadsided by a suspected drunk driver who fled the scene on foot but was captured shortly after. Just hours earlier, Adenhart pitched six scoreless innings against the Oakland A’s. It was only his fourth major league start.

Warren Alston

Eric Andolsek
Eric Thomas Andolsek was born on 8/22/1966. He died on 6/23/1992 at age 25 in an auto accident.
Offensive Lineman
Louisiana State University
Detroit Lions 1988-1991

Donald Ashby
Born 03/08/1955. Died 05/30/1981.
Ashby was killed in 1981 after the vehicle he and his wife were in was hit head-on by a pickup truck.

Ace Bailey
Garnet Edward Bailey was born on 6/13/1948 in Lloydminster, Canada. He died on 9/11/2001 at age 53 in a plane crash. He was onboard United Airlines flight 175, which was hijacked and flown into the world trade center on September 11, 2001. At the time, he was working as a scout with the Los Angeles Kings and was en route to Los Angeles to attend the team’s training camp.
Boston Bruins
Detroit Red Wings
St. Louis Blues
Washington Capitals
Edmonton Oilers
Los Angeles Kings (Scout)

Jerode Banks

Bill Barilko
William Barilko was born on 3/25/1927 in Timmins, Ontario. He died on 8/26/1951 at age 24 in a plane crash near Cochrane, Ontario just weeks after scoring the winning goal in the 1951 Stanley Cup. His body was found 11 years later.
Toronto Maple Leafs 1947-1951
4 time Stanley Cup Champion

Tikoyo Barnett

Jeff Batters

Brook Berringer
Born 7/9/1973 – Died 4/18/1996 (Plane Crash)
Nebraska Quarterback

Al Blades
Born ? – Died 3/19/2003 (car accident)
University of Miami Hurricanes

Luc Bourdon
Luc Bourdon died on 5/29/2008 in a motorcycle accident.
Vancouver Canucks

Michel Briere
Michel Briere was born on 10/21/1949 in Canada. He died on 4/13/1971 at the age of 21 in a car accident in Canada.
Pittsburgh Penguins 1969-1970

Kevin Brophy

Jerome Brown
Born 2/4/1965 – Died 6/25/1992 (car accident). Brown, who was one of the greatest defensive linemen in Huricanes history, lost control of his Corvette after he left a dealership in Brooksville, Florida. The car hit a utility pole and flipped, killing Brown and his 12-year-old nephew.
Defensive Lineman
University of Miami Hurricanes
Philadelphia Eagles 1987-1991

Dennis Byrd

Chris Campbell
Born ? – Died 2/16/2002 (auto accident)
University of Miami Hurricanes

Rusty Chambers
Russell Francis Chambers was born 10/9/1958 in Amite, Louisiana. He died on 7/1/1981 at age 22 from a car accident.
Tulane University
New Orleans Saints 1975-1976
Miami Dolphins 1976-1980

Steve Chiasson
Steve Chiasson was born on 4/14/1967. He died on 5/3/1999 at age 32 in an auto accident.
Detroit Red Wings
Calgary Flames
Hartford Whalers
Carolina Hurricanes

Roberto Clemente
Born 8/18/1934 – Died 12/31/1972 (plane crash)
Pittsburgh Pirates Outfielder 1955-1972

Ray Comandella

Mike Coolbaugh
Born 6/5/1972 – Died 7/22/2007 (hit by baseball)
Third Baseman
Milwaukee Brewers 2001
St Louis Cardinals 2002

Marquis Cooper
Victor Marquis Cooper was born on 3/11/1982 in Mesa, AZ. He died on 3/1/2009 at age 27 from drowning near Clearwater, Florida.
University of Washington
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2004–2005
Minnesota Vikings 2006
Pittsburgh Steelers 2006
Seattle Seahawks 2006
Jacksonville Jaguars 2007
Pittsburgh Steelers 2007
Oakland Raiders 2008

Chico Corrales
Diego Corrales was born on 8/25/1977 in Columbia, South Carolina. He died on 5/7/2007 at age 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada in a motorcycle accident. While attempting to pass a vehicle at a high rate of speed, Corrales hit the back of the vehicle and was thrown from his bike.

Steve Courson
Stephen Paul Courson was born on 10/1/1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died on 11/10/2005 at age 50 in Farmington, Pennsylvania from an accident at his home. Courson was cutting down a large tree when a gust of wind changed the direction of its fall. Courson moved into the path of the falling tree in an effort to save his black Labrador Retreiver.
University of South Carolina
Pittsburgh Steelers 1978-1983
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1984-1985

Tim Crews
Stanley Timothy “Tim” Crews
Born 4/3/1961 – Died 3/23/1993 (boat accident)
Los Angeles Dodgers 1987-1992
Cleveland Indians 1993

Mario Danelo
Born 7/3/1985 – Died 1/6/2007 (Fell from cliff)
USC Kicker

Jonathan Delisle
Jonathan Delisle was born on 6/30/1977 in Canada. He died on 3/16/2006 at age 28 in a vehicle accident in Beauce, Quebec.
Montreal Canadiens 1998-1999
Delisle only played in one NHL game.

Mike Duff

Dale Earnhardt
Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Sr., The Intimidator, was born on 4/29/1951 in Kannapolis, North Carolina. He died on 2/18/2001 at age 49 in Daytona Beach, Florida in a car crash during the final lap of the Daytona 500.
Seven-time NASCAR Winston Cup racing champion.
Inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2002 and the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2006.

Jose Fernandez

Bob Gassoff
Gassoff died on 5/27/1977 at age 24 in a motorcycle accident in Gray Summit, Missouri. On the Memorial Day weekend in 1977, the team gathered for a post-season party at Garry Unger’s farm near Gray Summit, Missouri. Bob Gassoff was riding one of the farm’s motorcycles and collided with a vehicle on a road near the farm. Gassoff was not wearing a helmet and died instantly.
St Louis Blues

Kevin Gibbs
Died 12/14/1989 (auto accident)
University of Miami Running Back

Geremi Gonzalez
Geremis Segundo Gonzalez Acosta was born 1/8/1975 in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He died 5/25/2008 at age 33 in Punta Palma, Venezuela from a lightning strike.
Chicago Cubs 1997-1998
Tampa Bay Rays 2003-2004
Boston Red Sox 2005
New York Mets 2006
Milwaukee Brewers 2006

Eddie Griffin
Born 5/30/1982 – Died 8/17/2007 (car/train accident)
Power Forward / Center
Seton Hall
Houston Rockets 2001-2003
Minnesota Timberwolves 2004-2007

David Griggs
Born 2/5/67 – Died 6/19/95 (car accident)
Miami Dolphins Linebacker 1989-1993

Michael Guilford
Born ? – Died 10/12/2007 (motorcycle accident)
Florida Gators Defensive Back

Josh Hancock
Born 4/11/1978 – Died 4/29/2007 (auto accident)
Boston Red Sox 2002
Philadelphia Phillies 2003-2004
Cincinnati Reds 2004-2005
St Louis Cardinals 2006-2007

Chick Hearn
Born 11/27/1916 – Died 8/5/2002 (fall / head injury)
Los Angeles Lakers Announcer

Marquise Hill
Born 8/7/1982 – Died 5/28/2007 (drowned – jet ski accident)
Defensive End
Louisiana State University
New England Patriots

Ernie Holmes

Tim Horton

Steve Howe
Born 3/10/1958 – Died 4/28/2006 (car accident)
University of Michigan
Los Angeles Dodgers 1980-1985
Minnesota Twins 1985
Texas Rangers 1987
New York Yankees 1991-1996

Terrence Kiel

Nodar Kumaritashvili

Jason Leffler

Barney Lewis

Cory Lidle
Born 3/22/1972 – Died 10/11/2006 (plane crash)
New York Mets 1997
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1999-2000
Oakland Athletics 2001-2002
Toronto Blue Jays 2003
Cincinnati Reds 2004
Philadelphia Phillies 2004-2006
New York Yankees 2006

Pelle Lindbergh

David Little

Rocky Marciano

Marshall University
11/14/1970 – Plane crash killed 37 members of the football team and 8 members of
the coaching staff.

Alfred Manuel “Billy” Martin
Born 5/16/1928 – Died 12/25/1989 (car accident)
Second Baseman
New York Yankees 1950-1957
Kansas City Athletics 1957
Detroit Tigers 1958
Cleveland Indians 1959
Cincinnati Reds 1960
Milwaukee Braves 1961
Minnesota Twins 1961
Minnesota Twins (1969)
Detroit Tigers (1971-1973)
Texas Rangers (1973-1975)
New York Yankees (1975-1979, 1983, 1985, 1988)
Oakland Athletics (1980-1982)

Steve Miller

Keith Moon

Thurman Lee Munson
Born 6/7/1947 – Died 8/2/1979 (plane crash)
New York Yankees Catcher 1969-1979

JoJo Nicolas

Steven Robert “Steve” Olin
Born 10/4/1965 – Died 3/22/1993 (boat accident)
Cleveland Indians 1988-1992

David Overstreet
Born 9/20/58 – Died 6/24/84 (car accident)
Miami Dolphins Running Back
University of Oklahoma Running Back

Bobby Ray Phills, II
Born 12/20/1969 – Died 1/12/2000 (car accident)
Cleveland Cavaliers 1991-1997
Charlotte Hornets 1997-2000

Knute Rockne
Born 3/4/1888 – Died 3/31/1931 (airplane crash)
Notre Dame Head Coach 1918-1930

Nick Rogers

Malik Sealy
Born 2/1/1970 – Died 5/20/2000 (car accident)
St John’s
Indiana Pacers 1992-1994
Los Angeles Clippers 1994-1997
Detroit Pistons 1997-1998
Minnesota Timberwolves 1998-2000

John Servati

Stanley Shakespeare
Born ? – Died 4/26/2005 (drowned)
University of Miami

Mark Siegel

Corey Smith

Greg Smith

Payne Stewart
Payne Stewart was born 1/30/1957 in Springfield, MO. He died 10/25/1999 at age 42 in a plane crash in Mina, SD. On 10/25/1999, Stewart was flying from Orlando to Dallas when his Learjet suddenly depressurized. The plane, apparently still on autopilot, angled off-course and was observed by Air National Guard F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft as it continued over the southern and mid-western United States. The military pilots noticed frost on the plane’s windows and were unable to see the Learjet’s pilot or copilot, who did not respond to repeated radio calls. It is likely that all occupants of the Learjet had already lost consciousness. The plane continued flying until it ran out of fuel and crashed into a field.
Professional Golfer 1982-1999

Bryan Taylor

Dimitri Tertyshny

Larry Thomas

Jose Uribe
Born 1/21/1959 – Died 12/8/2006 (car accident)
St Louis Cardinald 1984
San Francisco Giants 1985-1992
Houston Astros 1993

Bobby Watson

Tony Winburn

Robert Woodus
Born ? – Died 5/11/1966 (plane crash)
University of Miami Hurricanes

B.J. Young
Brian Joseph Young was born on 7/23/1977 in Anchorage, Alaska. He died on 11/30/2005 at age 28 in a single-car accident in Vancouver.
Detroit Red Wings 1999-2000
Young only played in one NHL game.